How to Order

Ordering your replicadisplay-case-with-light

When building replicas of this quality it is important that we have as much detailed information about your yacht as possible. We provide you with a clear briefing guide that enables us to have a tick box approach to the range of information required to meet your expectations. This information is then cross-referenced with any available drawings to produce the most accurate guides for us to build from. Once underway, during the construction process, we will send you staged photographs showing the progress of your project.

Ordering your original painting

The process of commissioning a yacht painting should be an enjoyable one from start to finish as the subject is close to our customer’s heart. We provide you with the choice of dealing with us to manage the entire process for you or alternatively communicating directly with your chosen artist on all details of the project.

As with ordering a replica, the more information we have, then the more reference we have to access when creating your painting. We do also request additional information regarding the recipients features, typical sailing clothing and preferred location and coastline. Often the best reference material for an original painting is a series of photographs or digital images. (All reference material provided will be returned).


On placement of an order we request an initial payment of 50% of the production cost of a project.

The remainder (and shipping and insurance costs) are then paid once the order has been completed and you have approved photographic images of the final project prior to delivery.

Safe and secure shipping all over the world.

Orders are often international and we have designed special packaging for safe delivery and easy unpacking. This is also supported by making use of the latest packing techniques and monitoring devices to ensure proper handling. We advise you on import issues but do highlight that you as the client are responsible for any applicable duties or taxes on international orders upon arrival of shipment. Once we ship the items we will send you the tracking number so you can track your shipment.

Shipping policy

Shipping charges are displayed at the time of your order. This information also appears in your order confirmation email. We understand that when you make an order, you want your model or painting as quickly as possible and we will do our best to make that happen! However, as we are producing original works, delivery times will vary depending on your specification. We can assure you of our closest attention to all production and time management details to ensure we manage your expectations regarding delivery deadlines.