Anna Duckworth

Anna has a passion for the sea and the wild outdoors. She loves to paint high energy pictures of sailing, windsurfing and skiing and finds herself captivated by light, water and snow. With a penchant for high contrast, dynamic scenes she breaks away from fine art tradition with her preference for capturing the buzz of action. Her portfolio also includes a growing gallery of portraits. She uses a range of media to give her work colour-brilliance and bold texture and usually paints on canvas.

Most people who are lucky enough to be art owners find that owning their first piece of original art is a special thing. This is even more the case when the subject is something that is meaningful to them. Anna is keen to make original paintings available at a reasonable price so that the pleasure of giving and buying artwork becomes available to more people. This page shows the diverse range of paintings requested by her customers and illustrates the ease with which the beauty of a particular treasured memory or thing can be captured forever.