Buoys alight – Nautical charts

Any nautical chart of your choice, anywhere in the World can be brought to life bringing a unique dimension to the chart should it be a harbour, estuary, inland water way or favourite sea area.

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Your UV coated chart is custom-made enabling Cardinal Buoys, Lateral marks, Lighthouses, Special Marks and others of your choice to be included, with them displaying their exact flashing sequences. An optional home light of your latitude and longitude as a point of interest can also be added to further personalise your chart.

A standard chart will have 30 lights and using the latest microprocessing and fibre optics technology they are individually programmed to flash in the correct colour and exact sequence assigned to them and independently to each other, creating a true realtime authentic display.

We have a number of frame options to suit your home, yacht club or training environment.

As every chart is individually designed please contact us for an informal chat with any queries or questions.