Your Yacht Replica

OCEAN-art is an exclusive supplier of craftsmanship delivered by USA based Abordage. Professional yacht model making is a unique sector that requires many years of experience and an extensive set of skills to produce the highest quality models. Our 20 strong team have been working for over 25 years in this field, building over 3000 models.

Choosing a model builder that can meet your expectations is a serious decision as replicas can run from hundreds, or in some cases, thousands of man hours to build. We recommend  that you view the numerous projects displayed on our website to gain information that will help with this decision. After an initial phone call and email correspondence  we will  fully identify the scope of your project and provide project costs and an estimate of delivery timescale.

Please click through the four replica options on the right here to view a wide range of sample projects where you can explore the high quality and fine detail of our craftsmanship.